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#1 Rated Fitness Camp, with 7 years' proven record of success!
#1 Rated Fitness Camp, with 7 years' proven record of success!
There is no victory without sacrifice!
No excuses are necessary - None will be accepted.
Your money - Spend it how YOU feel best.
Refocus your energy. Renew your strength. Regain your life. 'The only time we have truly failed is when we fail to truly use our time.' Click here to learn more.
Refocus your mind. Reshape your body. Revitalize your spirit. 'All change is inevitable. Change for the good is achievable.' Click here to learn more.



You will be challenged. You journey will not be easy. You will overcome. 'Obstacles are only opportunities to prove that we can find the solution.' Click here to learn more.
It's time to invest in your health. It's time to invest in your future. It's time to invest in yourself. Wealth without health is poverty.  Click here to learn more.

Our Mission:

The world in its' wisdom is constantly inventing, reinventing and selling solutions that have no genuine long term benefit. Every day there are new meditations, diets, programs, medical procedures, pills - and the list goes on and on.

The answer to the issue is the same today as it has always been, and gimmicks do not change that. It takes hard work, dedication, commitment and sweat - there is no other way!

Our mission is to honestly and passionately help people improve their health, their lives and their futures, by applying time tested and absolutely correct solutions.

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Real, Lasting Change Begins At CFS Weight Loss Camp.

Struggling to lose weight should not be a way of life. CFS Weight Loss Camp takes a personal approach to help you achieve your goals - and maintain your results!

Our objective is not just to help you lose weight while you're here, but set you on the right path to keep losing weight and improving your health long after you've returned home. Our advanced weight loss program features low-impact fitness training, nutritional classes and behavioral/wellness coaching - all the essentials you need to achieve Real, Lasting Change.

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